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Ever a curious mind, I have spent my life tinkering with all manner of objects to find out how they work and why. More so, this has made me guilty of picking up every craft I find, eager to discover how it is done, earning me the title of “girl of a 1,000 hobbies” from those closest to me.

Originally, I was as a traditional portrait artist who later transitioned into digital illustration after a friend introduced me to a Wacom tablet at the age of 12. The allure and freedom of being able to create multiple colour changes with a few keys gave me more confidence than painting traditionally and I've been hooked ever since. Fascinated by my mixed heritage (Chinese, Scottish and Finnish), I began a life-long study into facial features and anatomy and how these shape who we are.

Combining these two passions, I began studying at University of Dundee for a Masters of Science Forensic Art and Facial Identification. The works you see showcased here were produced during my degree and cover a wide range of Forensic Art techniques.

Please note that part of my work has been excluded from this website due to being graphic in nature (Post-mortem Depiction) or to protect the subject's identity (Age Progression, Facial Image Comparison).